Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to Sceptics NZ

If you're reading this, you're probably one of the 5 people I know. (Hi guys). This blog is intended to be a place to talk about issues in sceptism (with a c) from a New Zealand perspective. As much I love blogs like Skepchick, The Friendly Atheist and Blag Hag, the American sceptical experience is not the same for us down under. New Zealand has a unique and interesting history and our sceptical issues are also unique and interesting.

There's some great people who are willing to contribute to this blog, each with their own areas of interest so hopefully visits to this blog will be varied and interesting no matter what your flavour of sceptism is. If you wish to contribute please email us at and let us know. More contributers means less work for me.

Since I'm new to this blogging thing, it will take me a while to work out the features and get everything more pretty and less geocities homepage-looking. This is just the intro post, so don't get disappointed yet. Please feel free to comment, discussions are the best part of blogging. We don't have any plans to moderate comments yet, but this might bite us in the bum in the future so that may change. Spammers of course, will be removed without mercy.

Hope you enjoy the blog!
Advocatus Diaboli

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